Tooth Ache

Sharp Pain

You may feel a shooting pain when you eat or drink something hot or cold or sweet or sour.
Pressure, like from toothbrushing or biting, also might spark this kind of pain.

Some things that may cause this short-lived pain reaction include:

a cavity;
a cracked tooth;
an exposed tooth root.

Апу of these can leave the inner portion of your tooth, called the pulp, unprotected. The pulp is yourtooth’s nerve and blood supply. In a healthy, undamaged tooth, the pulp is protected by 3 outer layers: enamel, cementum, and dentin. Enamel is the part of the tooth that you see, and it connects to the dentin. Cementum also connects to the dentin, but it covers the tooth root

Dull, throbbing pain

Sometimes dental pain involves an area in or around the mouth and jaw with a steady ache that goes on for days. This type of pain may indicate an infection.