Sensitive Teeth
September 10, 2014

wisdom-teethWhy & When are Wisdom Teeth Removed? Wisdom teeth, also called 3rd molars, are far back in the mouth. They are not often used for chewing and are hard to brush and floss. It may be recommended the removal of your wisdom teeth in your late teens, because waiting until you are older can increase risk of problems.

Removal of wisdom teeth can prevent these types of problems.

• Infection of Wisdom tooth due to partially erupting through the gum lines.
• Damage or crowding of adjacent teeth.
• A fluid sac (cyst) or tumor can form on or near an impacted tooth, destroying surrounding bone or tooth roots.

A general dentist can perform wisdom tooth extractions. However, if Dr Roeser sees a need for special care, you may be referred to a oral or maxillofacial surgeon.